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Your personal FREELAP BLE chip automatically detects the magnetic signal emitted by the completely wireless FREELAP transmitters positioned along the course and instantly provides you with accurate training results!

Since your times can only be capture by your independant FREELAP Chip, other athletes in your surroundings cannot affect your times by crossing a laser beam or interfering with a radio signal like you would regularly see with other devices. So go ahead make every run count!

No need to synchronize or calibrate anything! Just set the Freelap Timing system wands up where you need them and VOILA! Its literally that simple.

Dont just time it, FREELAP IT!


Freelap Timing made its debut in 2003 in Switzerland. Many things have changed and evolved since then but the quest to offer the most functional timing system is still the same. 


Simple to use and rapid to set up, offered in an affordable package, that's what Freelap Timing is all about!  


Choosing a training tool that will truly maximize your training is key.


We are changing how teams train and how they see timing equipment one system at a time. 


With Freelap, you spend more time training and less time setting up!

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