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Freelap Pack 414 is the running pack specially made for a group of athletes who train with a coach. The start is triggered when the PowerUnit transmitter detects a noisy sound nearby (such as a clap or a gunshot). Reaction time is taken into account. 


✓ Up to 4 athletes simultaneously.
✓ Block, 3-point & standing start.
✓ Sound start.
✓ Total LAP time
+ 2 Intermediates LAP times.
✓ Set the distances you need!


Need more options ? 


• To get more intermediate times: add more Tx Junior Pro transmitter (code LAP)
• To time 8 athletes simultaneously on adjacent lanes (PowerUnit & SpaceUnit transmitter can cover up to 8 lanes): add 4 FxChip BLE / FxClip + add 4 Tx Junior Pro transmitters. Place the PowerUnit & SpaceUnit between lane N°4 and n°5.

Freelap Pack 414

C$2,900.00 Regular Price
C$2,700.00Sale Price
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