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The TX Junior transmitter is ideal for the athlete looking to time various sections or distances during a training. Simply add it anywhere in the course between your two existing TX Junior transmitters or TX Touch and you will automatically be splitting up the course in to very precise sections or distances.

•Versatile Ideal to time specific sections

•Functional: sets up in seconds ON/OFF

•Portable and Light weight

•No synchronization or calibration required

•Accuracy: 2/100 seconds'

•Detection distance: 1.5 meters

•Easy to Use - Wireless transmitters automatically triggers your stopwatch.

•Expandable - Time additional sections and distances with extra transmitters.

•Lifetime battery : 300 timing hours powered by two Double A battery

•Water resistant


Pro Coach BLE 112 Timing System


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Completely wireless and highly accurate the TX SPRINT Junior Kit timing system is all an athlete needs to accurately measure and maximize each training session. This kit comes with:

-Two TX junior PRO transmitters

-One TX Touch Pro

-**One DEMO Freelap Stopwatch 

Additional Stopwatches and Transmitters can be added individualy to expand this kit seamlessly. Super portable and accurate the Tx sprint Junior Kit can be installed and packed up in a matter of seconds allowing you to spend more time training.

Custom kits can be put together to better suit your needs.

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TX SPRINT Junior Kit

Track & Field - Speed and Agility Drills - Football Combine

A FREELAP SPRINT STOPWATCH™ becomes your own personal timing coach the second you strap it on recording automatically your times on any Freelap equipped course. It can monitor up to 700+ runs in its large internal memory.

 The Freelap Stopwatch can be pared up to any TX transmitters you already own.

•An accuracy of 2/100th of a second

•Accurate, independant and instant recording and displaying of your time

•Large memory can record 700+ laps

•Optinial USB interface available to transfer date to your PC

•Completely water proof amd robust

•Long battery autonomy: 1000 actual timing hours

•Large display and very user friendly

TX Junior Pro

Other Sports

**DEMO Freelap Sprint Stopwatch

TX Touch

The TX Touch high accuracy makes it the perfect tool to measure touch and release starts. The TX Touch can be paired with any other TX junior transmitters seamlessly.

Extremely functional the athlete simply presses the button until the light turns red and as it releases the time is triggered on your Freelap sprint Stopwatch.

•Very portable Diameter: 8 cm / Thickness: 1 cm

•Precise, Affordable and robust

•No synchronization or calibration required

•Detection distance: 1.5 meters

•Lifetime battery: 15'000 start

•Water resistant


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"You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure"

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Freelap Pro Coach BLE

The latest technology from Freelap Timing.

Times are instantely displayed on your mobile phone or tablet.




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